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Real estate laws are often lengthy, diverse, and complex to understand. Any real estate transaction or dispute may be subject to myriad laws, requirements, or regulations. However, real estate law can affect people with all levels of experience in the legal system. Even if you are not directly buying or selling real estate, you may find yourself subjected to a real estate dispute.

Who Can Be Affected by Real Estate Laws:

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If you are facing a complex Delaware real estate issue, you do not have to handle it alone. Taking your real estate matter to a local attorney who focuses on these matters can be the most productive action you can take to achieve a resolution. Contact our attorney Jason Adkin for help navigating Delaware real estate laws.

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Comprehensive Real Estate Legal Services We Offer

When it comes to real estate law, most people think of buying a home. However, real estate law covers more than home purchases and sales. Real estate matters require an attorney with extensive knowledge in all areas of real estate law. We have represented clients in disputes involving neighbors, buyers, sellers, and more.

Guidance on Real Estate Purchases, Sales, and Settlements

If you are buying or selling a home in Delaware, you will need to ensure all aspects of your transaction are legally compliant. You will need to go through a title examination, deal with complicated real estate contracts, and more.

Our firm has the resources needed to complete your title search and resolve title issues. Whether you are buying or selling a residential or commercial property, we can work to protect your best interests.

Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Delaware state law provides specific requirements and limitations for landlords and tenants.

Responsibilities and Rights of Landlords and Tenants in Delaware:

  • Must provide full disclosures on certain information to tenants
  • Are limited on how much they can charge for security deposits on leases lasting at least a year
  • Must return any remaining security deposit within 20 days of the tenant moving
  • Must give a specific amount of notice to tenants before raising the rent or pursing eviction

Tenants have the right to withhold rent if landlords fail to complete essential repairs, and they may pursue landlords in small claims court for unreturned security deposits.

No matter what side of a landlord-tenant matter you fall, we can assist with rental agreements, disputes, and evictions. We can also assist with unique matters related to commercial property leases

Assistance with Real Property Inheritance Issues

The inheritance of real estate can be complicated, particularly when someone dies without a will or owns property out-of-state. If you are facing legal complications regarding inherited property, we can help you avoid pitfalls and protect your rights to your property. Our estate planning specialists can also assist you if you have any concerns about your loved ones inheriting your property when you die.

Expertise in Land Use and Zoning Regulations

Land use regulations are a frequently changing area of law, and can cause issues in the development or use of a property. We take on cases related to easements, boundary lines, fences, and more.

Understanding Delaware Homestead Laws

Delaware allows an automatic exemption in the equity of a homestead up to $125,000 if you file for bankruptcy. This can allow you to protect your home through your bankruptcy proceedings. We can work to ensure you understand how Delaware homestead laws apply to you

Advising on Adverse Possession Law in Delaware

"Adverse possession" refers to the practice of gaining ownership rights over land due to extended "trespassing" or "squatting." Delaware requires a minimum time period of 20 years for individual occupying property to claim adverse possession, in addition to meeting other requirements.

Whatever side of a dispute you fall on, we can help you understand your rights under Delaware adverse possession laws,

Local Expertise in Delaware Real Estate Law

Every state governs real estate transactions through its own individual laws and regulations. These laws vary from state to state and can be complicated, lengthy, and often change through legislation. Therefor, it is important to work with an attorney who has comprehensive experience in local and state laws.

I, Attorney John Adkins, am a Delaware native who is heavily involved in my local community. Through my years of practice, I have cultivated a thorough understanding of real estate law on the local level. My small firm can provide your case the personalized attention it needs to succeed, while my skill and experience offers the power and results of a larger firm. I am ready to answer any of your real estate legal questions.

Consult with a Skilled Real Estate Lawyer at Adkins Law Firm, P.A.

No matter how simple or complicated your situation may appear to be, getting proficient advice and guidance from a skilled attorney on how to proceed can put your mind at ease. Let me be your personal legal advocate in addressing your real estate issues. At Adkins Law Firm, you can rely on friendly and attentive hometown service.

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